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Testimonials for The Acupreneur!

Luckily, Dr. Schneider helped me to put the brakes on the freight train that my inbox had become. His coaching methods and unique insights into the big picture of TCM and traditional martial arts have helped me to see my own situation with far more clarity. Such clarity has given me the objectivity to re-arrange my schedule, my career, and my life in such a way that I can go back to enjoying the work that I do, instead of struggling to keep my nose above water......." 

Mark Cheng, L.Ac.
Director/Sifu - Chung-Hua Institute
Contributing Editor - Black Belt Magazine 


"The Acupreneur seminar really made me realize the importance of setting goals and having some sort of vision instead of winging it and fishing around in the dark. 

Sean Forte, L.Ac. New York City


"The Acupreneur first quarter session was so much bigger than a business workshop. The questions you asked us, the issues and ideas that you presented for consideration prompt me to contemplate not only my practice but also my life and all that I hold so precious. 

I'm juiced about the work that I started with you and am looking forward to designing the business that I want for myself. You are such a fine person and someone whom I want to emulate." 

Lisa Eves, L.Ac
www.heal-from-within. com
President of the Washington Association of Acupuncture


"The Acupreneur program has really helped me to see that my dreams are possible. You are covering topics that are completely outside the reality of the academic education I received. 

You are providing me with all the tools and guidance I need to create a successful and rewarding business that will meet my personal and spiritual goals. 

It is an investment that I can not afford to miss!" 

Michael Chin, L.Ac


Dear Eric, 
At the beginning of the year I decided it was time to bring my practice up to its potential. I always knew there was significant potential, but I lacked the tools and appropriate perspective to bring it all together. After joining the Acupreneur, somewhat reluctantly I might add, I found I had the assistance I needed to focus my efforts and move forward. The first 5 ? months of this year show almost a 100 percent increase in income over the same time period last year. Most of this growth has occurred since signing on with Eric. I have found Eric to be incredibly helpful and doing so much more than I had expected. If you want assistance in helping your practice reach its potential, I encourage you to join the Acupreneur.
Michael Wedge, L.Ac.   

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